Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Thom Rosenberg
Chief of Police: David Bridgewater
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Regular Council Meeting - March 27, 2007 - 5:30pm

Thom Rosenberg, Mayor
  • Lisa Decker
  • John Johnson
  • David Anderson
  • Kory Parkhurst
City Clerk
Kay Brada
Assistant City Clerk
Barbara Kratzer
Doug Pringle
City Attorney
Jerry Bogle
Police Chief
David Bridgewater
Shawn Devlin, Council member

Britt Brown, #10 Hillcrest; Charles and Betty White

Special Presentation

Mayor Rosenberg read a Resolution expressing appreciation to Charles White for his 20 years of service to the City. White was originally contracted to provide landscape maintenance service but over the years his duties expanded. Tree Top Nursery and Landscaping will now handle the landscaping services, but White will continue working on a part time basis. Council also presented White with a card and check as an expression of their appreciation.


Doug Pringle mentioned that his name was left off of the January and February Minutes as attending the meeting. Johnson moved to approve the amended minutes of the February 27, 2007 meeting; Parkhurst seconded; passed unanimously.


Anderson moved to approve the Claims as of March 27, 2007; Parkhurst seconded; passed unanimously. Claims for March totaled $47,687.32.

Treasurer's Report

Pringle reported that the revenues for February totaled $51,886 and expenditures totaled $60,144 resulting in a loss for the month of $8,258 but gain year to date of $328,380 (244,815). Unencumbered cash and investments totaled $762,745 ($679,186) for 2007 as compared to $528,412 for 2006. ($83,558.77 received from the State TRF Funds, for the street project, was subtracted from the total receipts received) Anderson asked the Council if they knew the formula for calculating the distribution of the State Sales/Use Tax. The response was no, so Kratzer volunteered to contact the state for an answer.

Park Commissioner's Report - Shawn Devlin

No report

City Clerk's Report

  1. Kratzer asked the Council if they wanted a bid from Sparkle Cleaning to sweep all the streets of Eastborough. Most of the intersections are covered with sand. Council directed her to pursue the issue.
  2. Brada reminded Council members that the general election would be held on April 3rd.

City Attorney's Report

  1. Bogle asked the Council if they had reviewed the draft of Nuisance Ordinance #1260 which would repeal Ordinance #1232. The new ordinance would include additional fine amounts for repeat offenders. Following discussion, Anderson moved to adopt Ordinance #1260; Johnson seconded; passed unanimously.
  2. Bogle reported on the meeting held on March 14th at Eastborough City Hall between representatives from Eastborough and the City of Wichita to discuss the unresolved boundary issues along Kellogg and ownership of the wall. Several options were discussed on how to draw up the boundary lines and who if a survey is needed who would cover the costs. The meeting ended with both sides agreeing that further discussion was needed.
  3. Bogle asked the Council if they believed Eastborough should own the wall. If Wichita agrees to maintain the area south of the wall, should they also own and maintain the wall. Two areas to explore before making a decision include: (1) cost of insuring the wall; (2) cost of maintaining the wall. Kratzer agreed to contact the insurance company for a quote and talk with Jason Gish about a maintenance schedule and/or the name of a company that specializes in such work.

Mayor's Report

Rosenberg reported that he had attended a meeting with county officials to discuss the proposed $64.00 cost to cities for housing their jail inmates. The question was asked if housing fees could be added to court fines. The County would like to make this a city issue rather than a county one which would increase the administrative costs to the cities.

Police Chief's Report

  1. Chief asked if there were questions concerning his monthly report.
  2. Chief reported that there has been and increase in the incidence of identity theft on traffic tickets.
  3. Chief reported that a resident had reported a mail theft only to find out that it was an officer picking up their mail.
  4. Chief announced that Michael Fisher has been hired as a police officer and will begin work on April 11th.
  5. The chief was asked if increasing the medical coverage had made the search process more competitive. He answered yes.

Finance; Budget & Accounting; Community Affairs & Municipal Court Liaison Commissioner's Report-Kory Parkhurst

  1. Parkhurst reported that he had given Greg Sevier a list of items to be included in the 5-year Improvement Plan. The items included: (1) replace of the air conditioning system at City Hall; (2) replacing the carpet in City Hall; (3) complete the repaving of the City Hall driveway.
  2. Parkhurst reported that Greg Sevier would be available for a workshop to review the improvement plan and answer questions concerning financial matters.
  3. Parkhurst reported that Don Osenbaugh, from the League of Kansas Municipalities, would be a good resource person to advise the City on special assessments.
  4. Parkhurst reported that the Community Affairs Committee has been discussing the possibility of setting up some type of "Welcome Wagon" program.

Utilities; Street Maintenance; Fire Protection Commissioner's Report-Lisa Decker

  1. Decker reported that she had received a call from Sherry Moore, #9 High Drive, concerning the newly installed drain that runs under High Drive. The drain is clogged and water is backing up into her yard. Lisa met Doug Dagg at the site and he was able to dislodge the obstructions.
  2. Decker reported that she had gotten an email from Hubris Communication concerning the newsletter and requesting more recognition in our next mailing. The website will be added to the Resident Directory.
  3. Decker reported that she had spoken with Kamy Gorges, #1 Hillcrest, concerning a drainage problem on their property.

Public Relations Report; Long Range Planning-Mayor Thom Rosenberg

No report.

Insurance; Personnel Benefits; City Hall Maintenance; Zoning & Architectural Review Commissioner's Report-John Johnson

No report.

Newsletter; Beautification And Memorial/Gifts Committee Liaison Commissioner's Report - David Anderson

  1. Anderson reported that he had approved the funds requested by the Beautification Committee to purchase plants. He also approved a bid of $900 from Echo Landscaping to purchase the plants, prepare the beds and plant the flowers and bulbs.
  2. Anderson reported that he had spoken with representatives from Westar about the possibility of replacing the current street lights with more decorative ones. Currently Westar owns the poles throughout the City except for the ones in the Park by the pond. Anderson stated that it would be cost prohibitive to embark on such a project.
  3. Anderson reported that he has the design and cost figures for replacing the current street signs throughout the City.

Executive Session

The Mayor asked the Council to go into executive session for 20 minutes to discuss a personnel problem. Council extended the session for 15 minutes. At 7:45 pm Council came out of executive session. Council instructed the Mayor to follow up on their recommendations regarding the personnel issue.

Meeting Adjourned 7:48 pm (Next meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2007)