Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Thom Rosenberg
Chief of Police: David Bridgewater
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Regular Council Meeting - April 24, 2007 - 5:30pm

Thom Rosenberg, Mayor
  • David Anderson
  • Britt Brown
  • John Mastio
  • Marc Gorges
City Clerk
Kay Brada
Assistant City Clerk
Barbara Kratzer
Doug Pringle
City Attorney
Jerry Bogle
John Johnson, Council Member; David Bridgewater, Chief of Police

Shawn Devlin, #26 Colonial Court; Lisa & Steve Decker, #34 Mission; Kory, Lou, Emma & Miles Parkhurst, #12 Lakeside; Cindy Burkemper, Court Clerk

Special Presentation

Mayor Rosenberg read three proclamations honoring outgoing council members Lisa Decker, Shawn Devlin and Kory Parkhurst. Each was also presented a hand blown duck as a "thank you" for their years of serviceto the community. Kay Brada administered the Oath of Office to incoming council members Britt Brown, Marc Gorges and John Mastio.

Court Clerk's Report

Mayor Rosenberg introduced Cindy Burkemper, Municipal Court Clerk, to the Council. Cindy reported on the 2006 Court Activity Summary and 2006 Court Revenue Summary. In 2006 approximately 1400 cases were filed. Of those cases, approximately 1300 were traffic violations. Revenues totaled $130,000, but out of that $23,000 went to the State.


Anderson moved to approve the minutes of the March 27, 2007 meeting; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously.


Anderson moved to approve the Claims as of April 24, 2007; Brown seconded; passed unanimously. Claims for April totaled $52,105.55.

Treasurer's Report

Pringle reported that the revenues for March totaled $39,657 and expenditures totaled $43,739 resulting in a loss for the month of $4,082 but gain year to date of $324,298 (240,739). Unencumbered cash and investments totaled $758,663 ($675,104) for 2007 as compared to $543237 for 2006. ($83,558.77 received from the State TRF Funds, for the street project, was subtracted from the total revenue received)

City Clerk's Report

  1. Kratzer displayed a picture of the Eastborough pond done in 1969 or 1970 by Kandy Tate. The watercolor was a wedding gift to Terri Dwyer by Tate. Dwyer is in the process of moving from the City and would like to present this picture to the City as a gift.
  2. Kratzer reported that she had contacted the Treasurer's office in Topeka for an explanation on how to calculate county Sales/Use Tax. She was told the state receives funds from Sedgwick County. The formula used for distribution is based on (a) tangible property tax and (b) certified populations numbers. Special taxes are taken off the total amount received before distributing the balance to the cities within Sedgwick County.
  3. Kratzer reported that Kay Brada deserves a special "Thank You" for providing the special goodies for the evening.

City Attorney's Report

  1. Under old Business, Bogle reported that the previous Council has been discussing the absentee policy for the Municipal Court Judge. Following discussion at an earlier meeting Council decided to allow the Judge to be absent three times annually without penalty. Any absence over the three would result in the $100 pro temp fee being deducted from the Judge's retainer. Bogle asked the Council to approve the above policy. Anderson moved to approve the policy as presented by Bogle; Brown seconded; passed unanimously.
  2. Bogle reported that he is still in the process of hiring a new city prosecutor. Bogle told the Council that it may be necessary to raise the salary from $300 to $500. Bogle also requested Council to consider special compensation when a case is appealed to the District court. His suggestion would be $70 an hour with a $500 limit. Anderson moved to approve the request by Bogle for special compensation; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously.

Mayor's Report

  1. Rosenberg brought the new Council members up to date on the ownership issue of the wall along Kellogg and property line issues related to the Kellogg Project. Rosenberg reported that the annual cost of insuring the new wall would be about $3,000. Rosenberg also covered some of the maintenance issues involved. Following discussion, Brown made the motion that Eastborough take ownership of the wall and include in the annual budget funds for maintenance expenditures; Gorges seconded; passed unanimously.
  2. Rosenberg reported that he would be attending the League of Kansas Municipalities Mayor's meeting May 4th.

Police Chief's Report

Chief's report was included in the agenda packet.

Finance; Budget & Accounting; Community Affairs & Municipal Court Liaison Commissioner's Report-Marc Gorges

No report

Utilities; Street Maintenance; Fire Protection Commissioner's Report-John Johnson

No report

Parks And City Hall Maintenance Commissioner's Report-David Anderson

  1. Anderson reported that he met with Buddy Shannon, Tree Top Nursery, and toured the Parks and common areas. They discussed areas in the parks and at City Hall where little or no grass was growing. Buddy suggested over seeding these areas with a blend of fescue and rye. A second concern had to do with the erosion occurring at the edge of the pond where large boulders were not installed. A third problem involves an area at the pond, near the gazebo, where visitors stand to feed the ducks. All the grass in the area has died out. Anderson asked Council to review the bids from Tree Top to correct the problems.
  2. Anderson handed out copies of a bid to build an enclosure for the trash containers at the pond.
  3. Anderson reported that a notice would be sent out to residents reminding them of the Cleanup Weekend April 5 thru April 9. Waste Connection will provide 2 large dumpsters for the resident's use.
  4. Anderson reported that a plan to replace the aging street signs has been drawn up at a cost of $125,000. Due to the lack of funds, no action has been taken.

Public Relations Report; Long Range Planning-Mayor Thom Rosenberg

No report.

Insurance; Personnel Benefits; City Hall Maintenance; Zoning & Architectural Review Commissioner's Report-John Johnson

No report.

Newsletter; Beautification And Memorial/Gifts Committee Liaison Commissioner's Report - Britt Brown

Brown circulated copies of his monthly report updating his areas of responsibility. The report included:

  1. Changes to the website network;
  2. Contacted members of the Beautification Committee asking those retiring members if they would be willing to continue to serve on the Committee. Received from Kratzer committee guidelines;
  3. Contacted Al Higdon, Chairman of the Memorial Gifts Committee, to notify him of the change in council liaison. Received from Kratzer committee guidelines;
  4. Attempted to contact Dave Anderson to discuss the streetlight/signs information;

Brown reported that the 3 incoming council members met and submitted 7 questions to the current members that they hoped to have answered. The questions included the following topics: Personal liability of council members; Council capabilities; City ordinances to mandate property owner maintenance; Excess funds; Police benefits; Park maintenance; Street assessments. Discussion followed.

Meeting Adjourned 7:25 pm (Next meeting is scheduled for May 22, 2007)