Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Thom Rosenberg
Chief of Police: David Bridgewater
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Regular Council Meeting - August 28, 2007 - 5:30pm

Thom Rosenberg, Mayor
  • John Johnson
  • Britt Brown
  • John Mastio
City Clerk
Kay Brada
Assistant City Clerk
Barbara Kratzer
City Attorney
Jerry Bogle
Police Chief
David Bridgewater
Dave Anderson, Council Member; Marc Gorges, Council Member; Doug Pringle, Treasurer



Brown moved to approve the minutes of the July 24, 2007 meeting; Johnson seconded; passed unanimously. Brown moved to approve the amended minutes of the Special Budget Hearing to reflect the City Clerk in attendance; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously.


Johnson moved to approve the Claims as of August 28, 2007; Brown seconded; passed unanimously. Claims for August totaled $62,931.44.

Citizen Requests

  1. Mayor read an unsigned letter critical of the number of dead pine trees throughout the City.
  2. Mastio handed out copies of a letter he received from Clay Bastian complaining about the mulch circular driveway at #60 Norfolk which is next to his father's property, #62 Norfolk. Mastio was told that the resident has been contacted and is working with the Chief (Compliance Officer) to resolve the issue. Bogle will also write a letter to the property owner who is living in California. Mastio agreed to respond to Mr. Bastian.
  3. Mastio also handed out copies of photos he had taken of the new trash enclosure at the park, planting throughout the park, and grass clippings in the parks. Discussion followed with no action taken.

Treasurer's Report

In Pringles absence Kratzer reported that the revenues for July totaled $31,776 and expenditures totaled $102,384 resulting in a loss for the month of $70,608 and gain year to date of $278,423. Unencumbered cash and investments totaled $796,197 for 2007 as compared to $635,829.

City Clerk's Report

  1. Kratzer reported that the approved budget and related information were delivered to the Sedgwick County Clerk's office prior to the August 25th deadline.
  2. Kratzer reported that the reception on August 2nd honoring Don Windham's retirement was well attended by Eastborough residents.
  3. Kratzer reported that two insurance claims have been turned into Travelers. One relates to the damage to the east entrance monument and the other to water damage to City Hall basement.
  4. Kratzer reported that she and the Chief were still interviewing for the part-time maintenance position

City Attorney's Report

  1. Bogle, referring back to the July minutes, expressed his skepticism about the trees in the new park not being under warranty.
  2. Bogle reported that he had decided not to send a letter to the resident concerning the metal poles place along the street.

Mayor's Report

No report

Police Chief's Report

  1. Chief asked if there were questions concerning his monthly report.
  2. Chief briefed the Council on the fatality accident that happened on August 11, 2007. A motor cyclist traveling at a high rate of speed struck the east entrance monument.

Finance; Budget & Accounting; Community Affairs & Municipal Court Liaison Commissioner's Report-Marc Gorges

No report

Utilities; Street Maintenance; Fire Protection Commissioner's Report-John Johnson

  1. Johnson reported that Ferguson Paving has completed the pothole repairs throughout the City.
  2. Johnson reported that Cornejo would be resurfacing a portion of Stratford, south of Douglas, in September to complete Phase I & II of the 10 year program.
  3. Johnson reported that he had been in discussions with Doug Daag, Street Consultant, about changing the order of the resurfacing program.
  4. Johnson reported that he had been working with MKEC to draft a plan for the streets west of Woodlawn.

Parks And City Hall Maintenance Commissioner's Report-David Anderson

No report.

Public Relations Report; Long Range Planning-Mayor Thom Rosenberg

  1. Mayor reported that he had visited with Chris Carrier, City of Wichita, concerning the zoning issue still pending between the two cities. Carrier advised that Wichita is in the process if drafting boundary lines for Eastborough's review.
  2. Mayor stated that George Kolb, Wichita City Manager, would be asked to attend the September meeting to discuss mutual issues between the two cities.

Insurance; Personnel Benefits; Zoning & Architectural Review Commissioner's Report-John Mastio

  1. Mastio reported that he had contact the post office concerning the installation of a drop box in the City, but no decision has been reached at this time.
  2. Mastio reported that he was reviewing all the City insurance and investment information.

Newsletter; Beautification And Memorial/Gifts Committee Liaison Commissioner's Report-Britt Brown

  1. Brown reminded Council members to submit their articles for the upcoming newsletter.
  2. Brown was asked to remind residents not to sweep grass clipping or leaves into the street because it causes the storm drains to clog.

Meeting Adjourned 7:25 PM (Next regular meeting is scheduled for September 25, 2007)