Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Thom Rosenberg
Chief of Police: David Bridgewater
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Regular Council Meeting - December 18, 2007 - 5:30pm

Thom Rosenberg, Mayor
  • John Johnson
  • David Anderson
  • Britt Brown
  • John Mastio
  • Jennifer Wagle
City Clerk
Kay Brada
Assistant City Clerk
Barbara Kratzer
City Attorney
Jerry Bogle
Chief of Police/Compliance Officer
David Bridgewater
Doug Pringle, Treasurer
Henry Helgerson, #12 Peach Tree; Susan Vickers, #15 Norfolk; Barry Owens, College Hill Commoner editor; Doug and Cathy Dagg, Street Consultants


Anderson asked that the minutes be amended to reflect that the Tree Fund will be under the responsibility of the Beautification Committee. Mastio moved to approve the amended minutes of the November 27, 2007 meeting; Anderson seconded; passed unanimously. (Wagle was not in attendance for the vote).


Mastio moved to approve the Claims as of December 18, 2007; Brown seconded; passed unanimously. (Wagle was not in attendance for vote). Claims for December totaled $116,532.29. Included in the claims is a $37,950.24 payment to Cornejo from TRF Funds.

Citizen's Request

Treasurer's Report

Brada reported that the revenues for November totaled $32,574 and expenditures totaled $128,847 resulting in a loss for the month of $96,273 and gain year to date of $185,166. Unencumbered cash and investments totaled $705,528 for 2007 as compared to $573,575.

City Clerk's Report

  1. Kratzer reminded Council members not to forget the "Christmas Chili Feed" on Thursday, December 20th, 11:30am at City Hall.

City Attorney's Report

  1. Bogle reported that he had spoken with David Calvert, attorney representing the Brannon family, on the therapy horse issue, and he is now in the process of researching the issue. Bogle advised that the current ordinance may need to be revised to include a permit system.
  2. Bogle reported that he had spoken with Mike Jacobs, City of Wichita, concerning the boundary issues. At this time there is nothing to report.

Mayor's Report

Rosenberg addressed the Council on the remarks made by Mrs. Vickers.

Police Chief's Report

Chief asked if there were questions concerning his monthly report.

Finance; Budget And Accounting; Memorial Gifts Committee Liaison; Newsletter-Website Commissioner's Report- Britt Brown

No report

City Hall Maintenance; Beautification Committee Liaison; Community Affairs Liaison; Municipal Court Liaison Commissioner's Report-Jennifer Wagle

Wagle reported that the basement carpeting will be replaced after Christmas.

Utilities; Street Maintenance; Fire Protection Commissioner's Report-John Johnson

Johnson reported that Ferguson Paving had completed the pothole repairs.

Parks And Street Signs Commissioner's Report-David Anderson

Public Relations Report; Long Range Planning-Mayor Thom Rosenberg

Rosenberg asked Council to begin putting together figures to be used in the budgeting process for a Long Range Plan.

Insurance; Personnel Benefits; Zoning &Amp; Architectural Review; Long Range Planning Commissioner's Report-John Mastio

Mastio reported that he had spoken with Bob Howse concerning an error in our insurance package. Howse will send a corrected copy to City Hall.

Meeting Adjourned 7:00 PM (Special Meeting scheduled for January 15, 2008 5:30pm City Hall to discuss the street repair options. (Next regular meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2007)