Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Thom Rosenberg
Chief of Police: David Bridgewater
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Regular Council Meeting - February 26, 2008 - 5:30pm

Thom Rosenberg, Mayor
  • John Johnson
  • David Anderson
  • John Mastio
City Clerk:
Kay Brada
City Attorney:
Jerry Bogle
Chief of Police/Compliance Officer
David Bridgewater


Doug Pringle, Treasurer; Britt Brown, Council Member; Jennifer Wagle, Council Member; Barbara Kratzer, Asst. City Clerk


Chris Owen, #20 PeachTree; Dexter Friend, #38 Mission


Johnson moved to approve the minutes of the January 22, 2008 meeting; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously.


Anderson moved to approve the Claims as of February 26, 2008; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously. Claims for February totaled $60,163.84. A check for $12,300.00 was reissued to A-1 Tree Service for a lost check issued in December.

Citizen's Request

  1. Chris Owen requested the minutes be posted on the website prior to the meeting. Mayor responded that minutes could not be posted until approved by Council.
  2. Dexter Friend had nothing to request.

Treasurer's Report

Mayor reported that the revenues for January totaled $414,285 and expenditures totaled $132,963 resulting in a gain for the month and year to date of $281,322. Unencumbered cash and investments totaled $972,450 for 2008 as compared to $771,048 in 2007.

City Clerk's Report

No report

City Attorney's Report

  1. Bogle stated that he had nothing new from Wichita to report on the boundary issue. They have not produced a written agreement.
  2. Bogle gave the Chief application forms to be used in conjunction with the approved animal ordinance G0801.

Mayor's Report

Rosenberg announced that he would be attending the upcoming Mayor's meeting.

Police Chief's Report

  1. Chief asked if there were questions concerning his monthly report.
  2. Chief reported that the light bars have been ordered at $1,400 each. One unit has already been installed.
  3. Chief reported that Rusty Eck has agreed to a trade-in value of $3,000.

Finance; Budget And Accounting; Memorial Gifts Committee Liaison; Newsletter-Website Commissioner's Report- Britt Brown

No report

City Hall Maintenance; Beautification Committee Liaison; Community Affairs Liaison; Municipal Court Liaison Commissioner's Report-Jennifer Wagle

No report

Utilities; Street Maintenance; Fire Protection Commissioner's Report-John Johnson

  1. That he had just received a letter from Jay Anglemyer, MKEC, which included a proposal for Westside improvements. In 2005 MKEC did a survey for gutters; then preliminary report for gutters, streets, and curbs at a bid of $754,000. He will further discuss the issue with Doug Dagg. The concept service proposal would be $38,125.00. The second step is to secure funding. Greg Sevier has suggested TRF Funds. Council has asked for financial projections.
  2. That he would be contacting Ferguson Paving concerning pothole repairs. He will review the pothole map with Doug Dagg to make certain that these are not included in the resurfacing project.

Parks And Street Signs Commissioner's Report-David Anderson

Anderson reported:

  1. Street poles and signs were delivered 30 days early.
  2. Milestone will begin installation on March 15th, with a completion period of 30 days.
  3. Lettering on the signs will be done by Fast/Signs.
  4. That he and the Chief have reviewed the locations for the 10' poles.
  5. The annual "Spring Clean Up" will be held May 9th thru May 12th. Waste Connection will place one dumpster on Hunter near the Park and the second dumpster on the Westside. Residents will be notified of the dates.
  6. That he is in the process of putting together cost figures for completing the stone edging around the pond.
  7. That he has negotiated contracts with Tree Top Nursery, Echo Landscaping and Wade Vickery to manage the maintenance in the parks and common areas.

Public Relations Report; Long Range Planning-Mayor Thom Rosenberg

Rosenberg reported that he would be working with Mastio on long range planning.

Insurance; Personnel Benefits; Zoning & Architectural Review; Long Range Planning Commissioner's Report-John Mastio

  1. Mastio reported that he has been in contact with the AIG Insurance Company concerning three deferred compensation policies held on one ex-employee and two current employees. The policies will need to be converted to annuities in order to provide a better settlement for the employees. Mastio stated that he would bring a report to the next meeting if he gets the information from AIG.
  2. Mastio reported that Dean Norris had submitted a proposal to replace and update the heating and cooling systems at City Hall. They also submitted a proposal for a maintenance agreement. Council suggested obtaining bids from Fahnestock and Cook Heating and Air.

Meeting Adjourned 6:23 PM (Next regular meeting is scheduled for March 25, 2008