Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Thom Rosenberg
Chief of Police: David Bridgewater
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Regular Council Meeting - November 25, 2008 - 5:30pm

Thom Rosenberg, Mayor
  • David Anderson, Council President
  • Britt Brown
  • John Johnson
  • John Mastio
  • Jennifer Wagle
Assistant City Clerk:
Barbara Kratzer
Chief of Police/Compliance Officer
David Bridgewater
Norman Farha


Kay Brada, City Clerk;


Stan Brannan, owner of #64 Norfolk;


Johnson asked that the minutes be amended under Citizen's Request as follows: Johnson asked that it be noted that this is a unique situation addressing a variance request after the fact and by its passage not set a precedent. Anderson moved to approve the amended minutes of the October 28, 2008 meeting; Wagle seconded; passed unanimously.


Brown moved to approve the Claims as of November 25, 2008; Wagle seconded; passed unanimously. Claims for November totaled $57,644.54.

Treasurer's Report-Norman Farha

Farha reported that revenues for October totaled $61,018 and expenditures totaled $57,194 resulting in a gain for the month of $3,824 and gain year to date of $205,343. Unencumbered cash and investments totaled $913,328 for 2008 as compared to $801,801 for 2007.

Citizen's Request

  1. Stan Brannan asked the Council to approve a variance on the formed concrete wall built on the front west side of the property. The variance is requested because the wall is 12"-20" higher than allowed in the 40' front yard building setback noted in Ordinance #1234. The property owner will also be required to obtain a building permit. Brown moved to approve the variance request subject to Mr. Brannan obtaining written approval from the homeowner of #66 Norfolk and the purchase of a Building Permit; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously.

Insurance; Budget and Accounting; Memorial Gifts Committee Liaison; Newsletter-Website Commissioner's Report-John Mastio

No report

Clerk's Report-Barbara Kratzer

  1. Kratzer reminded Council members to mark December 19th on their calendars for the 15th Annual Chili Party at City Hall. Invitations will be out soon.
  2. Kratzer reminded Council members that 2 members plus the Mayor are up for reelection in 2009. The filing deadline will be January 27th at noon.
  3. Kratzer reported that a letter would soon be sent to residents reminding them of the upcoming election and the Police Benefit Fund.

City Attorney's Report

  1. Bogle reported to Council that any question concerning complying with the satellite ordinance must also conform to FCC regulations.
  2. Bogle reported that he had received from the City of Wichita a preliminary copy of the redrafted boundaries along the south property lines. Wichita will need to transfer the deed of the property beginning at the south edge of the wall and continuing to the fence separating the park from resident properties. The area south of the wall will be owned and maintained by the City of Wichita. Once this is completed, Eastborough will then determine whether or not to hire someone to survey and prepare deeds for the residents along the park or simply deed to the residents the extra area north of the wrought iron and wood fence.
  3. Bogle reported that he had spoken with Mrs. Mussleman concerning her damage claim against the City and advised her that the claim had been turned over to the insurance company.

MAYOR'S REPORT-Thom Rosenberg

  1. The Mayor reported that he met with John Mastio, Jennifer Wagle and Larry Reynolds to discuss revisions to ordinance #326 regarding building and zoning issues. The Council instructed the committee to consider additional regulations to maintain the architectural integrity and consistent high quality of home building within the City. The recommended changes include the minimum square footage of the structure and the minimum cost per square foot with the cost of living index figured in. Anderson moved to approve Ordinance #G08-06 which would repeal Ordinance #326; Wagle seconded; passed unanimously.
  2. The Mayor asked for Council approval of a "Resolution approving the issuance by Sedgwick County Kansas of Industrial Revenue Bonds to finance certain improvements to be leased to Hawker Beechcraft Corporation." Johnson moved to approve the resolution as stated above; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously.
  3. The Mayor reported that he had spoken with Greg Sevier, Peterson, Peterson & Goss, concerning the letter addressed to the Council and City Clerk. Sevier advised that it is a standard letter sent out relating to their audit.

Police Chief's Report-David Bridgewater

  1. Chief asked if there were any questions concerning his monthly report.
  2. Chief reported that he had spoken with the attorney representing the officer on leave concerning the results of the recent hearing. The attorney reported that the case was postponed until December 9th because the prosecution neglected to subpoena the witness. The attorney also reported that he informed the Judge that he had not received some of the requested documents. The Judge ordered the city attorney to turn over the requested documents by the appointed date or the case would be dismissed.


No report.

City Hall Maintenance; Beautification Committee Liaison; Community Affairs Committee Laison And Municipal Court Liaison Commissioner's Report-Jennifer Wagle

No report.

Utilities; Street Maintenance; Fire Protection Commissioner's Report-John Johnson

  1. Johnson reported that he had visited with Glenn Case, #72 Stratford, concerning the broken curbing along the front of his driveway. Mr. Case has plans to replace and widen the approach area and replace approximately 30 feet of the driveway. Johnson reported that Mr. Case wants the City to cover the cost of replacing the curb area. Following discussion, Council directed Johnson to meet with the contractor and get a better understanding of the work to be done and a specific bid for the City's portion. Mastio moved to give Johnson authorization to spend up to $1,000 for the project; Brown seconded; passed unanimously.
  2. Johnson reported that he met with Mike Rodee, Ferguson Paving, on the November 24th to discuss the street problems on the west side. Johnson reported that after surveying the streets it was Rodee's belief that in addition to the drainage problem a major factor contributing to the street problems occur when property owners redo their driveways. A lack of oversight has been a problem in Eastborough. Johnson moved to authorize the City Attorney to draft an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to include curbing and requiring a Building Permit whenever a driveway project interfaces with city property; Mastio seconded; passed unanimously. In addition to our Mill/Overlay Program Rodee recommended implementing a Crack/Seal Program. The cost could be included in the TRF Fund application.
  3. Johnson reported that Rodee would submit a bid to repair potholes. Rodee stated that the City might want to consider a program of periodic street inspections to identify problems and make repairs.

Parks And Street Signs Commissioner's Report-David Anderson

Anderson reported:

  1. Julian Brothers will soon be reattaching the flag and stick to the bronze sculpture in the park. They also have submitted a bid to clean and polish the sculptures in the parks once a year. No action was taken on the bid at this time.
  2. Milestone Construction has submitted a bid of $1,580 to replace a portion of the collapsed walking path, near the drainage ditch, with concrete (24' X 6'). Brown moved to approve the bid; Wagle seconded; passed unanimously.
  3. Milestone Construction will prepare a bid to repair the crack in the gazebo.
  4. Wade Vickery, Park & City Hall Maintenance, submitted a letter requesting Council to approve the installation of three water outlets in three separate parks. The outlets would replace the need of the mobile watering tank. The materials/installation and buried hydrant cost per outlet assessed by the City of Wichita Water Department is approximately $2,700. Vickery reported that this method would be safer, faster and more efficient than transporting the watering tank and in the long run cheaper. Brown moved to approve up to $9,000 for the project; Wagle seconded; passed unanimously.
  5. Waste Connection is partnering with RecycleBank to introduce a new recycling program that will give back to residents, drive local commerce and show commitment to doing the right thing for the environment. Interested residents can go onto the RecycleBank website (www.recyclebank.com) for more information or call 838-6664.