Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Thom Rosenberg
Chief of Police: David Bridgewater
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Special Council Meeting - March 16, 2010 - 5:30 pm


Thom Rosenberg
  • Dave Anderson
  • Britt Brown
  • Bob Fleeman
  • John Johnson
  • John Mastio
Chief of Police:
Danny Bardezbain
City Clerk:
Kay Brada




Mayor Rosenberg called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. He announced that the special meeting was to hear the recommendations for a new salary scale for the police department from Chief Bardezbain; other administrative matters will be discussed at the budget meeting later in the year.


He presented a scale for the officers and another for the detective rank to be used in hiring new officers based on their past experience. Both are based on a 42 hour week and 86 hour pay period. Discussion followed comparing the present scale to the suggested one which has a 5% change from one level to the next. Chief Bardezbain restated his interest in creating an Assistant Chief position which will be hourly because that person will also work on the street. With no more questions to him, Chief Bardezbain left the meeting.


The executive session began at 6:00 pm and ended at 6:10 pm.

  1. Fleeman moved that the new salary schedule for the police officers be accepted; Brown seconded; motion passed.
  2. Brown moved that the City of Eastborough creat the position of Assistant Chief and that Chief Bardezbain’s selection of Matthew Cox be approved; Fleeman
  3. seconded; motion passed.
  4. Brown moved that the Council accept the Chief’s recommendations on the salary increases to the officers; Johnson seconded; motion passed.
  5. Discussion and evaluation of Chief Bardezbain followed. Fleeman moved to raise his salary to $60,000 effective April 1, 2010 and that April 1 will be his anniversary date hereafter; Brown seconded; motion passed.

Following the end of the executive session, Anderson moved to approve their recommendations; Brown seconded; motion passed. The meeting ended at 6:17 pm.