Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Danny Wallace
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

City Roster

Elected Officials Phone E-Mail
Mayor Danny Wallace danny.wallace@eastborough-ks.gov
Council President:
Stacy Moore stacy.moore@eastborough-ks.gov
Council Members:
Dr. Jerry Cohlmia 686-2687 jerry.cohlmia@eastborough-ks.gov
Erin Fulghum erin.fulghum@eastborough-ks.gov
Robert Hotaling 683-5911 robert.hotaling@eastborough-ks.gov
Alan Joseph 719-4805 alan.joseph@eastborough-ks.gov

Appointed Officials
City Treasurer Norman Farha 684-1002
City Clerk Debra Gann 682-4111
Compliance Officer Wade Vickery 682-4111
City Attorney Jerry Bogle 265-7841
City Prosecutor Jonathan Rupp 265-7841
Municipal Judge Joy Williams 630-9206
Court is held 6:00pm the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of each month - Eastborough City Hall.

Committee Chairmen:
Community Affairs Erin Fulghum

Eastborough Personnel:
City Clerk Debra Gann 682-4111
Notary Service (no charge), Voter Registration, Permits (Building & Misc. Sales)
Municipal Court Clerk Cindy Burkemper 682-4111

Police Department Personnel Date of Employment Email Address
Deputy Chief: Kevin Dorritie 7/8/13 kdorritie@eastborough-ks.gov
Deputy Chief: David Halverson 7/22/13 dhalverson@eastborough-ks.gov
Patrolmen: Derrick W. Vickery 6-22-76 derrick.vickery@eastborough-ks.gov
  Mike Erwin 6/30/14 mike.erwin@eastborough-ks.gov
  James Welch 9/2/16 james.welch@eastborough-ks.gov
  Michael Ruebke 8/17/18 michael.ruebke@eastborough-ks.gov