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Mayor: Danny Wallace
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Eastborough City Newsletter - April 2002

Easter Egg Hunt—A wonderful time had for all!

The annual Easter Egg Hunt was held on Saturday, March 31st. Festivities began at 9am when the children enjoyed holding baby chicks, piglets and many other animals at the petting zoo. Many of the children took advantage of the individual pony rides. This was definitely the highlight of the event for the little ones! The Easter Egg Hunt began soon after in the northwest corner of Lynwood & Hampton. There seemed to be an abundance of eggs this year and many children filled their baskets to the rim. The hunt was divided into three age groups to ensure that everyone had a fair chance at the Golden Egg. Winners of the Golden Eggs received a gift certificate to McDonalds. Connie's cookies and fruit juice were provided as snacks after the hunt.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, sunny day! Thanks to Jane Shaw and Kristie Wheeler for coordinating the event. A special thanks to Jane's mom, June Rutledge, for personally supplying the Easter Bunny. And much appreciation to all who helped hide easter eggs; Bob Rutledge, Jim Shaw, Bill Wheeler, and Lisa DeVore.

Winnie Shaw proudly displays her
basket full of eggs.

Matthew Ayres was a winner of the Golden egg.

The Mayors Corner — Kellogg Expansion Update

I will try to bring you up to date on developments on the Kellogg Expansion project since my last report in October 2001. This information is based upon meetings and discussions between our engineering firm, Mid-Kansas Engineering Consultants and the engineering staff from the City of Wichita and their engineering firm. One stage of the agreement with the City of Wichita has been completed with the installation of the new traffic signals at Douglas and Woodlawn. In my opinion it is a significant improvement. It has been decided to add the Eastborough work to the highway documents and it will be bid as one project with the same contractor completing our portion of the project as an addition to the highway project.

Mayor's Corner

This will eliminate the potential conflicts between two contractors working in close proximity.

The following time line from my last report is still valid.

Obviously this time line could change depending on the timeliness of the completion of each phrase.

On January 23rd MKEC presented their plans on our project at a public workshop meeting with the Council. These plans are currently on display at City Hall for your information. The demolition is now complete on all the properties purchased by Wichita and hopefully this will end the salvage activity we have been experiencing. We will keep you updated as this project progresses and if you have any questions please contact me or any Council member.

Gary Poore

City Bids Farewell to Donna Lowrance

Donna Lowrance

The City lost one of its most active residents when Donna and Kenny Lowrance moved out of our city. Donna was a member of the City Council, member of the Beautification Committee and Chairman of the Neighborhood Association.

Donna was elected to the Council spring 2001. Her areas of responsibilities on the Council included insurance, health and welfare, and community affairs. Donna also worked with the police chief on areas of concern in his department.

On the Beautification Committee, Donna spearheaded the project to improve the island areas around the city, as well as the triangle park. She worked with David Foster on the plans and Hillside Nursery to implement the plan. She gave countless hours overseeing the installation. It is a shame that it will be we that enjoys the fruits of her work and not her.

The Neighborhood Association was organized to plan activities within the community to promote resident interaction. Initially those events revolved around the children (Halloween Party, Easter Party, 4th of July Parade). Under Donna’s leadership 2 events were added for the adults. In the spring an adult-only get together and in the fall a ladies luncheon. Donna was always in the middle organizing and hosting the adult events. It was also her responsibility to line up the chairpersons for the children’s parties. It may take more than one person to fill her shoes in this position.

To top things off, Donna and Kenny, along with other residents on Mission and High Drive organized the Mission Block Party which included all Eastborough residents. These block parties, held annually in late spring, between Norfolk and Huntington, are wonderful social events.


Ownership Of The Sewer System Transferred To City Of Wichita

The Eastborough City Council and the City of Wichita have come to an agreement for transferring ownership of the Eastborough Sanitary Sewer System to the City of Wichita. The agreement was signed in February 2002. The Eastborough Council based their decision on the fact that the installation of the system began in the 1930’s; major rehabilitation will be needed in the coming years; and Eastborough residents are currently (and have been for many years) paying Wichita for sewer maintenance.

Until February 2002, Eastborough owned the sewer system and Sewer Masters Corporation was contracted to maintain it. During a five year period, ending in 1993, a study was done using televised cameras and concluded that the system would require major rehabilitation beginning in 2003. This rehabilitation would require a major capital expenditure to the city. A class action lawsuit by the residents of Eastborough concluded in 2000. The residents claimed that the high water rates to Eastborough residents were unfair and had no basis. The courts saw otherwise and ruled in favor of the City of Wichita. But the judge did say he saw no reason for Wichita not maintaining the system, since residents have been paying sewer maintenance charges for years.

Lisa Decker
City Council Member


The position of Chairperson of the Neighborhood Association is now open with the moving of Donna Lowrance from our City. The position is primarily organizational and could be filled by one or more persons. As Chairperson, you would be responsible for finding chairmen to host both the adult and childrens events. If you have enjoyed our special events and wish to volunteer your services, please call Barbara at City Hall 682-4111.

Emergency Drug Redistribution Plan

New Beautification Committee Ordinance Approved

In 1987 the Council approved Ordinance #938 which established a Beautification Committee which also included the management of the community forest resources for the City of Eastborough. Martha Buford and later Christie Triplett chaired this committee for many years. Eleanor Luke replaced Christie as chairman and is currently serving. The purpose of the committee is to oversee the parks and common areas of the City and bring to the Council for approval projects in these areas. The community owes Eleanor and her committee a debt of gratitude for their time and efforts in planning and overseeing the improvements to the islands and park areas.

Following a review of Ordinance #938, Council determined revisions needed to be made relating to the committee structure and to better clarify the duties and responsibilities of committee members. Ordinance #1168 was approved by the Council in December 2001. The ordinance states that each of the five council members will appoint a committee member, to serve in parallel for the term of the council member. The Mayor will then select a Chairperson from one of the five. Other volunteers, non-voting, may be solicited to help with projects. The committee will report directly to the Mayor and Council.

2002 Mill Levy Breakdown

Eastborough residents paid 79% less city property tax than Wichita residents. Of the total mill levy, the City of Eastborough's share was less than Sedgwick County's share, and only 43% of the school districts' share. From our 23.993 mill levy, we provide street and park maintenance, beautification projects, our own courts, and police and city hall staff. Sounds like a bargain.

  Eastborough Wichita
School Districts 54.926 54.926
Sedgwick County 28.654 28.654
City 23.993 116.554
Fire Districts 15.373 15.373
State of Kansas 1.500 1.500
Library Districts 0.904 0.904
Total 125.350 217.911
City Difference 92.561 79%