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Mayor: Danny Wallace
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Eastborough City Newsletter - March 2007

Upcoming Council Elections:

Three current city council members will not seek reelection in April. They are Shawn Devlin, Lisa Decker and Kory Parkhurst. Each has served the city at a time when many changes and progress occurred. Lisa and Shawn are completing their sixth year of service as council members and Kory has served a four-year term. For the past two years Shawn was also Council President and Parks Commissioner. Among her other duties, Lisa has been the guiding force in our ten-year Roads Program while Kory has coordinated Financial matters and served as the community affairs liaison. They all deserve our gratitude and thanks for jobs well done!

Four residents have registered as candidates to fill the three positions. The vote will be on April 3rd and we encourage everyone to cast his or her ballot at City Hall. Advance voting begins March 21st. Call the election office (660-7100) for times and locations. The candidates are Britt Brown, Rhonda Hayes, Marc Gorges and John Mastio. Each will probably send information sheets to all residents in the near future to list their qualifications. The two remaining council members, John Johnson and David Anderson along with Mayor Thom Rosenberg, have two years remaining on their terms.

Meet your new council members: On April 17th at 5PM there will be an informal meeting with the new and outgoing council members held at City Hall. The swearing in ceremony at 5:30 will follow a short social. All residents are encouraged to attend to congratulate the new council members and express their gratitude to Lisa, Shawn and Kory.

City Hires Tree Top Nursury And Landscaping, Inc:

Eastborough will assume responsibility for the care and maintenance of the new Duck Pond Park this spring. Tree Top Nursery contracted with the City of Wichita for the installation and maintenance of the new area for the past two years. We requested bids from several local lawn maintenance companies and the Council selected Tree Top. In addition to management of the irrigation system, water conversation program, pond, planting and mowing in the new park area, they will also provide the same services for the rest of the common areas throughout the City.

Charles White, who has handled mowing and other maintenance jobs for the city since 1989 has retired but will, on a part-time bases, provide some services to us.

Eastborough Website:

Check out our new website: www.eastborough.net. In addition to helpful information, upcoming events and the history of our fine city, council meeting minutes will be posted monthly for you to review.

Long Range Plans:

Your council continues to look into the future. Members of the council conducted a long-range retreat recently. A number of topics were discussed including:

Council Member Kory Parkhrust and our accountant Greg Sevier have been working on a 5-year budget to determine what and when projects can be funded.

West Eastborough Street Study Completed:

Mid Kansas Engineering Consultants (MKEC) was hired to conduct a survey and study of the West Eastborough streets, drainage issues and the possibility of adding curbing similar to the curbing on the east side of Woodlawn. The study and accompanying cost estimates are complete. The council will be discussing those reports at council meetings in the future and will provide that information to residents in the near future.

Our long-range plan is to resurface all streets in the city over a 10-year period. No matter what we decide to do, repairs or replacement will not go forward in West Eastborough until construction is completed on new housing in that area. If you have any immediate questions please contact Barbara at City Hall.

A Reminder:

Council Meetings are always open to all residents on the 4th Tuesday of the Month beginning at 5:30 PM in the City Hall. If you wish to address the council, please notify Barbara of your intentions so you may be included in the agenda. If you want to merely observe you are always welcome.

Children's Easter Party:

A party is planned for Saturday, April 7th at the park on Lakeside and Lynnwood. Activities include a Petting Zoo at 9:30 AM followed by the Egg Hunt at 10:30AM. Mark your calendar. More information to follow.

Nuisance Ordinance Revised:

We are in the process of updating our City Nuisance Ordinance to include additional fines for repeat offenders. We continue to contact property owners asking that those in violation correct the issues. If they are not, a citation is issued requiring a court appearance.

Meet Your Neighbors--Play Bunco:

Eastborough women's Bunco will be forming and will be meeting every other month on Monday evenings. If interested, call either Carol Farha (684-1002) or Susan Moneypenny (683-8601).

Trash Service:

Since we entered into an exclusive contract with WASTE CONNECTIONS to provide trash service to all Eastborough residents, a few problems have occurred but most all have been resolved. Waste Connections has been very receptive to our requests and concerns. There was some confusion with some residents that Waste Management and Waste Connections were one in the same company but that issue has been addressed. Beginning immediately, any non-authorized trash collector found to be providing trash service within the City will be issued a $100 citation. If you do not require trash service of any kind that is acceptable, but if you do, Waste Connections must be the vendor. If you do have some concerns or complaints about your service, please contact Barbara at City Hall.

Resident Directories:

Sunflower Directories will soon be delivering the 2007 Eastborough resident directories.

Spring Cleanup:

Part of our arrangement with Waste Connections, the exclusive trash service for Eastborough, is to provide us with two large dumpsters for residents to use for spring cleanup. Dumpsters will be located on the west side of City Hall and the hammerhead on Hunter Street at the east end of the Duck Pond Park. The receptacles will be available starting Friday, May 4th and will be removed on Monday, May 7tth. Anything you want to get rid of can be put in the dumpster on a no cost basis. A separate flyer is enclosed listing the items that cannot be placed in the dumpsters. Large pieces of furniture or appliances are OK. Mark your calendar!

Water Projects In The Works:

The Water Department has begun to replace a small section of the main pipe on Norfolk, starting on Patton Street (in Wichita) and ending at Hillcrest. This work began on Tuesday, March 20th and is slated to last approximately 4 weeks, although this week's rain may slow it down.

Every 5 years engineers review the City of Wichita's Water Master Plan. With the Kellogg renovations, they have decided to add a water line between Kellogg and 2nd Street. The new line will run along Woodlawn from 2nd Street to Peachtree then west to Windsor before connecting to Kellogg. They will use "open cut" excavation which will impact all the streets in the plan. Woodlawn will likely have one lane closed and Peachtree and Windsor will likely have day long closures. The project is slated to begin in April.

We know these projects may cause residents some inconvenience. But please remember they are much needed and certainly will benefit everyone in the long run! As Martha Stewart would say "It's a good thing".