Welcome to the City of Eastborough

Mayor: Danny Wallace
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Eastborough City Newsletter - September 2007

Mayor's Report:

Your city council is actively working to keep Eastborough moving forward. The Budget Hearing was held last month and your council adopted the 2008 budget with expenditures totaling $1,355,728. Councilman Johnson is preparing reports relative to the street repairs in west Eastborough. Councilman Anderson is looking into new street signage. Please review all of the councilman's reports in this newsletter.

As we approach the fall season and leaf accumulation on your property, please be aware not to allow the leaf removal to be swept onto the streets as it causes drainage problems in the storm drain system.

Some of our citizens are concerned about the "vision of Eastborough" and where are we going to be in the future. We have a lovely "English Village" which was envisioned by the founders of Eastborough. I would like our citizens input as to where do you envision Eastborough to be in 5, 10, or 15 years? Let us hear from you. Your council will be pursuing this as well.

Your new councilmen of John Mastio and Britt Brown are settling into their jobs very well and working hard on your behalf. With regret Marc Gorges has submitted his letter of resignation from the Council. Mayor Rosenberg will be appointing a replacement in the coming weeks.

Again, I encourage you to attend our council meetings which are held at 5:30 on the 4th Tuesday of every month. I think you will come to appreciate what your volunteer council members do for your community.
Thom Rosenberg, M.D., Mayor

Eastborough Parks Report:

I am your new Park Commissioner. I assumed this position with the departure of Shawn Devlin from the City Council. I am excited about the future possibilities with our parks especially the changes we are working on for the duck pond area. First let me bring you up to date with what we have been doing.

Eastborough officially assumed responsibility for 100% of the park maintenance this spring from the City of Wichita. The first thing we did was negotiate a new one-year agreement with Tree Top Nursery for the maintenance and upkeep of, not only the new park, but also all public areas in the City. Our mowing contract is for once per week in the irrigated duck pond park and City Hall and every other week in other areas. We will probably modify that for next year, especially if we get the kind of rain we had this spring.

The pump that circulates the water north of the duck pond bridge for the small waterfall failed early in the summer. We tried to rebuild it but were unsuccessful. A new pump has been ordered and will be installed this fall.

The two decorative trash receptacles near the gazebo are not adequate most week ends during the summer months to handle all trash and the Waste Connection carts detract from the overall beauty of the area. Therefore, we have built an enclosure to house the carts near the playground and gazebo and plan to relocate the decorative bins to another area. We would ask that those who use the park to please help police the area and place all trash in the bins.

When the pond was built there were not sufficient funds available to complete the stone ledge completely around the pond area. It was believed that the ground cover would hold the bank firm in those areas. It has not worked! We are getting bids at this time to complete the stone ledge in order to stop the erosion problem.

You have all noticed that the area north of the gazebo is worn down due to the duck, geese and human traffic. Tree Top has designed a new plan for that area that will include more ground cover and hedge with a smaller designated walk down area for duck feeding. Now if we can just get the ducks to read the sign the problem will be solved!

Speaking of signs. New signage will be posted in the near future in the gazebo area listing all of the dos and don'ts. New signs will also be posted in the waterfall area asking visitors to stay off of the rocks.

Long-range plans call for over seeding the "other park areas" this fall. Since it would be too expensive at this time to irrigate those areas and water wells are not possible due to low pressure, it would not be prudent to spend lots of money at this time to try and improve them to the same level of the duck pond park. But improvements will occur over time. The Council is committed, I believe, to replacing the existing street signs and poles throughout the City. A design has been submitted for approval. All we need is the money to move forward. We are hopeful that it will be completed in 2008.

If you have questions or concerns about the park please feel free to contact me at home or at my office.
David Anderson, Parks Commissioner

Eastborough Beautification Report

As a City Council member, the question I hear most often is "How do we maintain Eastborough as one of the premier east side residential neighborhoods?" The answer is simple: We all need to do our part. The beauty of Eastborough is every resident's responsibility. Yes, we do have a formal Eastborough Beautification Committee appointed by the City Council. But each of us is responsible for maintaining our own property. The City Council is working hard to take the lead in improving public areas of our city:

The Beautification Committee was established to monitor and make recommendations to the City Council in matters relating to the general appearance of the City's parks and public areas. Examples of the committee's oversight responsibilities include:

We are looking for one new member for the Beautification Committee. If you are interested please contact me.

The number one concern voiced about Eastborough property is that it is not being properly maintained. Poorly maintained property drags down the property values of neighbors, while diminishing pride in and the beauty of our City. The City has passed City Ordinance #1260 on Maintaining Private Property (March 2007), to help tackle the problem. The ordinance addresses safety and health issues regarding refuse on property, dead or broken tree limbs, dilapidated and deteriorated structures, and lawns that are not mowed or cared for, to name some of the most common issues.

Fortunately, the majority of the city does fit the picture of a premier east side residential neighborhood. For the few properties that don't, ordinances alone will not fix the problems. It will take the attention and the concerted efforts of all us to make Eastborough the kind of city we want to call home.
Britt M. Brown, City Council Member

Eastborough Street Update

Eastborough streets have been the focus of significant attention. The city's 10 year upgrade and maintenance plan has been implemented with the completion of work on St. James and High Dr. and portions of Norfolk, Mission, and Stratford. Cornejo Construction may very well be finished with that section of Stratford just south of Douglas when this newsletter is published.

There is general concern as to the condition of the roadway west of Woodlawn. In addition to the natural aging process and lack of curbs, the streets are deteriorating at a rapid rate due to the extensive construction which has been ongoing for about one year. We have been advised by the contractors that it may very well be another year before all construction is completed. Thus, we are reluctant to undertake any major work until the current construction is finished. Because of the condition of the road surface and roadbed on the West side, consideration is being given to more extensive work. This additional work includes incorporating curbs and doing more penetrating street resurfacing. While the installation of curbs is not only expensive, but controversial, alternatives are being explored with MKEC, a consulting engineering firm. The probabilities are that curbs will not be an option. However, if curbs become a viable option, the council will seek more input from the residents before making that decision.

We are going to continue with the current plan of resurfacing on the East side. Furthermore, pothole repair is a continual process that Ferguson Paving has been addressing.

I would be more than happy to discuss your concerns as they relate to our streets.
John W. Johnson, City Council Member

City Hall

(1) Look for repairs to begin soon on the damaged east entrance monument. The insurance company has been notified and we are waiting for their investigation to be completed and a check issued.

(2) Wade Vickery has recently been hired to fill the part-time maintenance position that was held for many years by Charlie White. Charlie was a familiar face to many of the residents and will be missed.

(3) Volunteers are needed to serve on the "Community Affairs Committee". This committee is responsible for organizing the special events held in the City. Those events include: Easter Party (children); 4th of July Parade (children); Fall Festival (family gathering in the park). The outgoing members are Lou Parkhurst, Chairman, Kendall Drake, Mandy Jordan and Andrea Mitchell. A special THANK YOU is in order to each of them for their time and efforts. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, call City Hall (682-4111).

(4) Below find the 2007 Neighborhood Directory updates. Help us out by notifying City Hall with changes so we can keep the directory updated.

#4 Colonial Court Oscar Esquivel/Roxana Yglesias
#28 Colonial Court Mark & Misty Wells
#5954 E Douglas Matthew & Debra Ann Gann
#8 Drury New Resident
#13 English John & Judy Harpstrite
#24 Hampton Bob & Emily Howse
#4 Hillcrest Tom & Sherene Hutchinson
#16 Huntington New Resident
#17 Huntington Bob Swanson
#20 Lynnwood New Resident
#12 Norfolk Bob & Barbara Fleeman
#26 Norfolk New Resident
#1 St. James Vacant
#46 Stratford Vacant
#14 Willowbrook Vacant