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Mayor: Danny Wallace
Photo of sign at entrance to City of Eastborough

Eastborough City Newsletter - November 2007

Eastborough Website

Please visit your Eastborough website, where you will find all the latest information regarding your city. This site covers such issues as City Council Meeting Minutes, City Council Member Committee Assignments, City Ordinances, Police Department Issues soon to include a new "Crime Scene" report, Newsletters, City and Police Department History, and much more.

A special thank you goes to Eastborough resident, Chris Owen, with Hubris Communications for providing the expertise for our website.

City Council Members—Committee Assignments

Park Commissioner Dave Anderson
Street Signs Dave Anderson
Finance: Budget and Accounting Britt M. Brown
Memorial Gifts Committee Liaison Britt M. Brown
Newsletter-Website Britt M. Brown
Utilities: Street Maintenance: Fire Protection John Mastio
Insurance: Personnel Benefits John Mastio
Long Range Planning John Mastio
Zoning & Architectural Review John Mastio
Long Range Planning Thom Rosenberg
Public relations Thom Rosenberg
Beautification Committee Liaison Jennifer Wagle
City Hall Maintenance Jennifer Wagle
Community Affairs Liaison Jennifer Wagle
Municipal Court Liaison Jennifer Wagle

City Ordinance Update

City Ordinance No. 1271 banning the placement of grass, leaves and other rubbish into the street has been passed and published. Please maintain your property accordingly. You will find a copy of the ordinance on the website.

City Ordinance No.1273 providing for the obtaining of a building permit and council approval for the construction and/or alteration of driveways to residences, and providing penalties for the violation thereof. You will find a copy of the ordinance on the website.

Mayor's Report

At our October 23rd council meeting, Jennifer Wagle took the oath of office, replacing Marc Gorges, and assumed her duties as councilwoman for the City of Eastborough. I welcome her to the council and look forward to her contributions.

Police Benefit Fund: As in the past, during the holiday season, some Eastborough residents have chosen to recognize the efforts of the Police Department with a thank you gift. The City Council asks that if you wish to do so, please make your check payable to the "Police Benefit Fund". You may send them to City Hall (Attention: Chief of Police). If you have questions call Barbara at City Hall (682-4111).

Your council continues to work hard on your behalf. As you read updates by the council members you will learn that the council has approved the replacement of aging street signs and is beginning a program to replace the dying trees throughout the parks and common areas.

Our website is up and running beautifully thanks to the efforts of Councilman Britt Brown. I encourage you to visit our website at www.Eastborough.net.

This is the time of year when we should all be thankful for what we have here in our community. I would like to take this time to wish you all a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and new year.
Thom Rosenberg, Mayor

Park Update

Several changes have occurred and others are planned for the future. If you haven't been by the duck pond lately, please take note of the newly landscaped area north of the gazebo. We have provided for a "limited duck feeding area" including stepping stones to the pond bank with the balance of the once "dirt" area covered with honeysuckle. Please stay on the path and save our grass!

Signage is in the process of being installed in the same park area including the rules for use in the park area posted in the gazebo as well as "keep off the rocks" around the waterfall. This is necessary because the large boulders are not secured by anything other than their weight. Climbing on them could be dangerous.

The annual fall tree trimming is in progress throughout the public areas. A number of trees will be removed and replaced in the process. Our park maintenance contract with Tree Top will come up for renewal in the near future. We will be modifying the scheduled maintenance to improve the overall look of our valuable asset. Tree Top has recently over seeded (rye & fescue) in the older park areas and City Hall. Hopefully we will have close to 100% coverage in the spring.

Street Signs: Council approved the funding to replace the street signs throughout the city. We are hoping to complete this project by spring 2008.

Maintenance Personnel: The council recently approved the hiring of Wade Vickery to handle the routine maintenance at City Hall, Parks and the common areas.
Dave Anderson

Crime Scene

In an effort to keep the community better informed on criminal activity, look for a new section in the Police Department's page on Eastborough's website called "Crime Scene" that will highlight crime in Eastborough on a monthly basis. In this section you will find information informing you of types of crimes reported along with where and when it occurred.

Also, in the future, when a crime is reported to the police, officers will be contacting residents who live near the location of the crime to inform them of the incident and also to hopefully gather additional information that may assist in their investigative efforts. This has not been done as consistently in the past as it will be now, but by doing so you will be better informed of criminal activities in your respective neighborhoods which will be of great value in assisting the Police Department in their crime prevention efforts.
Chief David Bridgewater

Eastborough: A Beautiful City

When speaking with or listening to residents of Eastborough, most of their comments and/or concerns revolve around the beauty and safety of our City. We are fortunate to have our own police department to ensure our safety and we have a contract with a gardening service to take care of our beautiful new park. We have a wonderful Beautification Committee, appointed by the Council, which looks after our trees and plantings throughout the City.

However, we do not have a full time park department or street cleaning crew. Streets are swept following sand usage during snow storms and when the Council considers it necessary.

Therefore, the curb areas in front of our property are our own responsibility. Leaves and grass clippings are not only unsightly; they also block the flow of water from rain and snow to the storm drains causing flooding and material to be left on the lawns. You need only look from your car or walk through the neighborhood to see how unsightly our streets look. With a little care from all of us, we can bring back the beauty of Eastborough. Kill and remove grass that is growing out of cracks in the curbs, do not allow lawn companies to blow grass and leaves into the streets and pick up any trash that someone not interested in beauty has thrown on or near your property. It only takes a few minutes but WOW!! It will make a difference. Take pride in Eastborough--it is a Community Affair.
Kay Brada, City Clerk

Communitee Affairs Committee

The Eastborough community hosts three events each year - an Easter egg hunt at the park; a 4th of July parade; and typically a Halloween/Fall event in the park. We were unable to have a Halloween/Fall event this year as there were no responses to our last request in the newsletter for volunteers. A committee is currently being formed to plan and host these events. Volunteers are critical if these long-standing traditional events are to continue. Jennifer Duerksen-Brannan at 64 Norfolk has agreed to serve as the chair of this committee but she will need help. Please contact her at 258-9382 if you can volunteer to help.
Jennifer Wagle

2007 Neighborhood Directory Updates

Residents need to notify City Hall when there are changes to the directory. Listed below are the most recent updates:

#16 Huntington Patrick & Kylie Rupe
#26 Norfolk Ryan Underwood


WATCH YOUR WASTE—pick up a copy of the Sedgwick County 2007 Recycling/Disposal Guide at City Hall or go to the website at sedgwickcounty.org for the most up-to-date information. All locations listed in the Recycling Guide are in Wichita unless noted.