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Eastborough City Newsletter - Aug 2013

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Business Ordinance Update

On April 24, 2012 the Eastborough City Council passed Charter Ordinance SP12-01 which includes Section 6 that deals with Home Business Licensing. This has been referred to as "the home business ordinance" and deals with the operation of a home based business within the City of Eastborough and its requirements to do so. When passing the ordinance the Council's intent was to allow the City improved control over a circumstance that has always existed but that our municipality has had very limited control over in the past. The Council's aim was to protect our home values and ensure that Eastborough remains an inviting place to live today and in the future.

Many of us conduct business activities within our homes. We make phone calls, send emails, work over the internet, or confer with a client. There is no impact to our neighbor's enjoyment of their properties, or burden on the city's infrastructure. These activities are not considered a "business" and don't require a license application. The home business ordinance was written to assist with business operations that could impact our neighbors, the city itself, or make a property non-residential. The requirements for operating a home based business in Eastborough are stringent. Citizen's can rest assured that only home based businesses that meet these stringent requirements will be considered for a license.

The process for which Eastborough residents apply for a home business license, comply with the requirements of the ordinance, and how the city enforces the ordinance has been a work in progress. On May 29, 2013 the Council conducted a workshop to refine the license application process and come to consensus for how the process will be executed moving forward. Our hope was to define a process that ensures consistency; a process that is equal and fair to everyone that applies for a new home business license, as well as those home businesses that may currently exist.

The application process will assist the City Council, and the citizens of Eastborough, in having a better understanding of the impact of an applicant's business operations to our city. When submitting an application for the three year license, applicants must provide the Council with adequate information to determine which submissions should be reviewed, approved, or denied based on that impact.

Our hope is that the new application process will improve communication and inspire everyone affected to play their part along the way. This will help the Council's determination of what, if any, restrictions should be associated with a license when it's time to vote. Last but not least, it gives the City a better ability to address those business operators unable to maintain a reasonably enjoyable environment for the residents of Eastborough, and inspire them to take necessary steps to become compliant.

The new process will encourage applicants to contact their immediate neighbors, explain their intentions, and answer any questions about their business. The City will send a copy of a home business license application to adjacent property owners with every application. An accompanying letter will provide the date that the home business license application will be presented to the City Council for a vote. While residents are unable to vote, we would like to see citizens attend the meetings and present any questions, concerns, or support for the application.

License requests will be submitted no less than two weeks prior to an upcoming Council meeting in order to be reviewed at that meeting. The details of the application will be followed up by the City during that time and any additional findings will be provided to Council Members prior to the applicant's presentation. Once presentations have been made, the Council will conduct an open discussion and provide any proposed restrictions to the applicant. If the applicant feels they can comply with what's been proposed, the Council will vote.

Should residents choose to operate a home business in Eastborough that affects their neighbors, impacts City resources, or chooses not to participate in the process at all; the City will depend on the existing complaints system to identify and review those situations.

Should a resident be approved and not abide by restrictions, or conduct their business in a manner that is different from what was described during the application process, they could be fined and lose their license all together.

Once again, citizens of Eastborough have been operating home businesses in our city for many years with both positive and negative impact. We do not intend to stifle anyone's attempt to run a home-based business; we simply want to maintain the high standards of our city, to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone that lives here.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Debra Gann, or Barbara Kratzer at Eastborough City Hall (316) 682-4111.


Danny Wallace Eastborough City Council

A message from Police Chief Cox

I am sure most of you have already noticed your Police Department was able to put a new patrol vehicle into service. I replaced our 2006 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor with a 2013 Chevy Tahoe Police Package. I would like to explain how I made this choice. Ford quit producing the Crown Vic Police Interceptor that has been popular with law enforcement agencies across the country. With several Police vehicles on the market now I had to do some research into which one was the best to choose. After researching the results of testing all the models by the Michigan State Police, Wichita Police Department and the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, I saw the best and most practical vehicle was the Chevy Tahoe.

Being able to purchase the Tahoe through the State of Kansas contract price, it was the lowest priced of all the vehicles available. I also chose to have the doors wrapped in white vinyl as opposed to having the vehicle painted black and white from the factory, saving almost another $2,700. Then I was delighted to find out that Ken Allen, owner of ADCRAFT Signs, was able to make and install the graphics on the car at the same price he has been charging the City since 2008. In case anyone is wondering about the fuel mileage for a sport utility vehicle compared to a sedan, the testing results I researched showed the fuel mileage of all the police vehicles to be comparable to each other. To summarize everything, I was able to purchase and equip the best option in police vehicles and save you, our tax payers, quite a bit of money compared to the other models available.

Please join me in welcoming Officer Cody Brua, who started with us on May13, 2013. He began his law enforcement career as a Ranger for the National Park Service. As a Ranger, he moved around the country when he was transferred. Officer Brua was ready to settle down in one place and chose to apply with Eastborough. He will be working 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM shift

I want to remind everyone that with hot weather approaching, more people tend to leave their garage doors open to let the heat out. Remember, it only takes a criminal a few seconds to enter an open garage and leave un-noticed with several items.

As always, feel free to contact me or any of my officers if you have any questions.


Matthew Cox, Chief of Police
Eastborough Police Department

MAYOR'S MESSAGE - August 2013

Dear Eastborough Resident:

We are into our third month with a new Mayor and Council Members and the City is still operating. Since the last newsletter we have made a change in duty assignments. Zoning and Architectural Review have been reassigned from Danny Wallace to Stacy Moore. Any requests for building permits should continue to be submitted to our City Clerk for consideration. If you are preparing to make any changes that affect the exterior of your residence, including new fencing and any new driveway improvements that intersect with our City streets, please check with City Hall before you proceed. It may or may not require a building permit.

Danny Wallace has spent considerable time refining our Home Business application process. Please read his article about what we are trying to accomplish. Do not assume we are encouraging residents to set up business in the City; quite the contrary.

According to Chief Matt Cox, the Eastborough Police Force is back to full strength. Matt will tell you more about our new officers.

At our May Council Meeting we recognized both Britt Brown and Ann Townsend for their service to the City with both a proclamation and picture of the Eastborough City Park as a reminder of their tenure with us. Congratulations to both.

Your Council has authorized the planting of a "substantial tree" (Jay's request) in memory of J. D. Swanson, a resident and former Mayor of Eastborough. If you would like to donate to that memorial please contact our City Clerk.

The Public Hearing for the 2014 Budget was held prior to the Regular Council Meeting on July 23, 2013. There were no questions or comments, therefore Council moved to approve the Budget. The budget calls for an increase of 2-mills over last year to be used for Capital Improvements. Our goal is to build a reserve to help fund major road projects. Upcoming projects include the rebuilding of Douglas and Huntington Streets. According to our independent accountant, Greg Sevier, the City is in very good financial shape!

The Fourth of July Celebration in the Park, was a great success. Many thanks go to Erin Fulghum, Special Events Coordinator, for her hard work. The kids really enjoyed dressing up and following our new police cruiser in the parade through the park. If you would like to help out or have any ideas for new or additional activities I know Erin would welcome your call.

As always I invite you to attend some or all of our Council Meetings. They are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month (with the possible exception of December). You may come to address the Council if you have concerns or suggestions or come to observe. Residents are always welcome.

As a result of a resident's suggestion to the Council, five Pet Waste Stations were installed in our parks. Two are located at the North and South ends of the North Park bordered by High Drive and Brookfield; 2 are placed in similar locations in the park just North of the Peach Tree; one is located East of the playground area along the Kellogg wall. Thank you, Margaret Wieland, for getting involved!

David Anderson, Mayor

Towne East Rezoning Request

Towne East is requesting to rezone several parcels of their ground, including a parcel located at the corner of Douglas and Towne East Mall Drive. They are requesting "To allow short term and seasonal outdoor retail sales, arts and crafts display and sales, farmer's markets, nursery and garden equipment display and sales, display of cars, RVs, boats, farm equipment and motorcycles, outdoor recreation and entertainment, and food and beverage sales associated with all outdoor events". The MAPC meeting on July 25th was attended by several members of the Eastborough City Council, many Rockwood residents and some of the business owners along Towne East Mall Drive.

Some concerns expressed were more traffic, more trash and noise in the area. The Manager for Simon Property Group has put a hold on the amendment for 6 weeks in order to better understand the landscape requirements.


Summer is finally here and the parks are in full use. Except for the rainy days the Playground area is always in full use.

Tree Top Nursery is preparing a proposal to refurbish the planting beds around the pond. They have already over seeded many areas.

Goose Busters is keeping an eye on our pond area in an attempt to relocate the geese that never seem to go completely away. Because some hatched eggs the babies are too small to move and we intend to leave them alone until they are capable of flying and finding a new home. We will stay on top of this project.

Echo Landscaping continues to take care of our other parks and entry planting beds with ever changing flower displays. You may have noticed piles of wood chips in one or several locations. These are being used by them as ground cover in the planting areas as well as where grass does not seem to want to grow.

We have added several trash receptacles in the North Park between High and Brookfield Drives to accommodate the dog walkers. The old wood park benches in that same area need to be replaced and we are looking into that.

This year we plan on improving the islands in West Eastborough now that the construction project is behind us. More on that later.

If you are aware of any issues or have a suggestion regarding our parks and common areas please contact me and I will look into your request or problem. My goal is to insure that our parks common areas remain something we can all be proud of as Eastborough residents.

Greg Shelton, Parks Commissioner

City Updates

Previous City Council Meeting:
July 23rd, 5:30pm
Next City Council Meeting:
August 27th, 5:30pm
Some items discussed:
  • Approved City Budget
  • Storm Cleanup Policy
  • Social Event Budget discussed
  • Towne East Rezoning
If you have a concern, observation, idea or questions, please reach out to your city council members. Their direct emails are listed here. Input from Eastborough residents is important!