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Eastborough City Newsletter - Feb 2014

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2013 was a very good year in Eastborough. Your City Council continues to work on ways to improve the Eastborough Experience for our residents while keeping a close eye on our tax dollars. Many improvements were achieved and there are more to come in 2014.

As a refresher, I would like to remind everyone that Council meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month unless rescheduled. Meetings start promptly at 5:30 at City Hall (#1 Douglas Ave) and generally last for about 90-minutes. I would like to invite each of you to attend at least one meeting per year to see city government in action. There is a time during the meeting set aside for residents to speak for a few minutes. .

Your elected City Council Members and their areas of responsibility are as follows:

    Greg Shelton- Council President, Parks, Trash Service and Long Range Planning.
    Chris Owen- Streets, Utilities and Fire Protection.
    Cathy Tilma- Eastborough Newsletter, Community Affairs Liaison and City Hall Maintenance.
    Stacy Moore- Finance, Budget and Accounting, Memorial Gifts, Zoning, Architectural Review and Insurance.
    Danny Wallace- Code Enforcement and Home Business Licensing.
    David Anderson- Mayor with responsibilities for Police, Legal and our City Court.
    *Danny and Stacy work closely together on most ordinance and zoning issues.

Others who play an important role in the management of Eastborough are the following appointed positions:

    City Clerk:Debra Gann Assistant City Clerk: Barbara Kratzer
    Treasurer: Norman Farha City Attorney: Jerry Bogle
    Chief of Police: Matt Cox City Prosecutor: Becky Mann
    Court Clerk: Cindy Burkemper Municipal Court Judge: Larry Hollis
    Compliance Officer: Wade Vickery Building Permit Review: Larry Reynolds, Architect

If you have questions that pertain to specific areas handled by one of the Council Members, please feel free to contact them directly or, as mentioned earlier, come to our monthly meeting.

In summary I would like to remind residents to be mindful of our various ordnances that have been instituted to insure that Eastborough remains a premier place to live. We ask our Compliance Officer to enforce ordinances that affect the livability and safety in our City for the benefit of all of us. Citations are only issued when it is deemed that offenders are ignoring or disregarding numerous warnings from our staff when trying to enforce those ordnances. Please work with us.

Best wishes for a great 2014,

David J. Anderson
Mayor, City of Eastborough

Police Update

As we begin a New Year I would like to reflect back on 2013. I began as Interim Chief of Police until my appointment by the Mayor and Council in March. During 2013 I hired three new officers in order to be at full staff again. They are Officer Cody Brua who started on May 13th, Officer Kevin Dorritie who started on July 8th and Officer David Halverson who started on July 22nd. They are doing a great job for the department as well as the citizens of our great community. Also on May 30th I promoted Officer Cross to Assistant Chief of Police to fill my former position. He holds the rank of Captain.

Looking at Police Activity for the year of 2013, I regret the number of reported burglaries and thefts increased from the past years. Many of these were burglaries from motor vehicles, mostly which were left unlocked. A lot of the thefts were property that was outside, such as lawn furniture and statuary. On the other hand, my officers investigated more suspicious persons and vehicles than in past years. They also issued 200 more citations than in 2012. Many of these car stops resulted in arrests for outstanding warrants, driving while suspended, narcotics violations along with other crimes.

I want to encourage all of our residents to keep a watch in your neighborhoods for suspicious persons and/or activity. If you notice anything unusual, call 911 immediately. The Police Department receives many reports of suspicious persons, vehicles and activity, hours or even days and weeks after they occurred. Needless to say at that point, there is little, if anything the department can do. With the Police Department and Community working together we can reduce crime in our City and the surrounding area.

Last but certainly not least, Captain Cross was coming into work on December 23rd when he slipped on an icy sidewalk and broke his leg. He is on the mend but likely won’t be able to return to work for several weeks and then he will be on light duty for a while. I wish Captain Cross a speedy recovery.

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year,

Matthew Cox
Chief of Police
Eastborough Police Department

Parks Report

It's cold and most areas are dormant and brown. While our beautiful trees provide great shade in the summer, they become a challenge through the fall and winter as the leaves fall and all too often go unattended. Due to the ease of which leaves and debris block our street drains I would remind everyone of the help it is when residents collect and dispose of their leaves this time of year. If you cannot, or this simply isn't a task you care to undertake, please contact the office and we can help you source a service that you can hire.

Despite the cold and lack of daylight hours, we are making plans for spring to ensure that our park areas look great for the enjoyment of all next season. Repairs will be made this year to those areas damaged during the heavy rains of last summer. While doing so efforts are being made to make long-term corrections so that future heavy rains are not as impactful to these areas.

Because the rains of last summer are not typical, investigation into more prudent approaches to grasses and plantings is ongoing. This work is being done In conjunction with Echo Landscapes and Tree Top Nursery. It is important that we balance having healthy and vibrant plantings with the realities of high water costs, ongoing maintenance requirements and the hot and dry weather that we normally experience.

The latest project involves the conversion of all park and entry lighting to LED. Most of the current fixtures are older making them both inefficient and prone to failure. While there will be an initial investment, this project will reduce future maintenance and utility costs. Residents will also benefit due to the greater reliability of the LED lighting and the reduced likelihood that lighting along walking paths will be out.

Stay warm!

Greg Shelton, Eastborough City Council

2013 Accomplishments & 2014 Goals


As the newest member of the Council, I am happy to report that 2013 was a successful year for the city of Eastborough and my office. My office covers many of the minor duties of the Council and I assist Danny Wallace in the Ordinance Management position. One of the major items was the requested change in zoning at Towne East Mall. The Mall petitioned the City of Wichita to use the Northwest portion of their parking lot for Carnivals and other loosely developed economic ideas. As a Council, we were concerned with the possible increase of trash, traffic, and noise. In response, the Mayor and I attended multiple meetings with both the City of Wichita and Towne East Management. We, along with the Rockwood and Bonnie Brae neighborhoods, brought forth our concerns. This resulted in the Mall agreeing to review their current trash remediation and landscaping to reduce the garbage accumulating to the north of their facility. Additionally, based on the neighborhood complaints, Towne East Mall decided to place the zoning request on indefinite hold. As a contrast to our success; Towne West Mall was granted a similarly requested zoning change.

For the upcoming year I will be accomplishing an audit of our insurance requirements and the associated expenses in an attempt to lower our fiscal costs while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. Second, I would like review our current ordinances and zoning requirements to streamline and reduce/clarify some current wording. This effort would result in greater understanding of the zoning and ordinance regulations and limit miscommunication between the City and the Constituency.


In 2013 we installed a new heat & air unit.

Projects for 2014:

  1. Repairing the deteriorated west drive;
  2. Replacing the carpet throughout the building;
  3. Replacing the entry tile; and
  4. Investigating interior lighting options.

Cathy Tilma, Eastborough City Council

City Updates

Next City Council Meeting:
Jan 28th, 5:30pm
Some items on the agenda:
  • Discuss annual street proposals (MKEC – Larry Henry)
  • Annual salary reviews
  • Community Affairs Budget – review 2013, approve 2014
  • Girl Scout request to use Eastborough Streets for race to be held in April

If you have a concern, observation, idea or questions, please reach out to your city council members. Their direct emails are listed here.

Input from Eastborough residents is important!

Thank you,
Cathy Tilma, Eastborough City Council

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