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Eastborough City Newsletter - May 2014

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2014 Citywide Spring Clean-up Saturday, May 17TH- 7:00am-Noon

Items must be brought to the street for curbside pickup
Waste Connections requests all items to be collected be set at the curb prior to 7:00am, May 17th.

Waste Connections will make one pass thru the city.

Waste Connections asks that all items being collected need to be able to be handled by one person safely. Tree limbs and branches must be cut in 3ft. lengths and bundled for easy pickup. Any trash not in the trash cart must be in throwaway containers such as boxes or bags, no more than 30-gallon capacity. No box or bag may exceed 40 pounds in weight.

Here is a list of items NO LANDFILL OR TRANSFER STATION will accept:

Car batteries, oil filters, fluorescent light bulbs, propane tanks, any asbestos materials, explosives, paint (we will take empty & dried up paint cans), no hazardous liquids (such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, diesel fuel, gas, oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, etc&) tires. REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS AND AIR CONDITIONS must be tagged by a technician and must have the appropriate paper work with it in order for Waste Connections to pick it up.



Spring is officially here. The season kicked off on Saturday April 12th with the annual Easter egg hunt plus petting zoo. The event was well attended. Many thanks to Erin Fulghum for all her work. If you would like to be involved in future community events like this, give Erin a call.

It was recently noted on our web page that a portion of Eastborough was being de-annexed. This process began several years ago when the City of Wichita (COW) approved the east Kellogg project which required the relocation of the Eastborough Pond and the sale of twenty-one Eastborough homes by residents to the COW. The COW agreed to rebuild the pond and park area at their expense, including new playground equipment, landscaping, lighting and the brick wall that borders Eastborough on the south including 50-ft extension on Woodlawn going north. The Eastborough City Council made the determination years ago to deed the wall back to the COW to avoid maintenance and liability issue. The final step is for the COW to annex what we have de-annexed, which they have agreed to do.

The Council also approved the securing of bids to have accurate boundary lines established by survey for the residents whose property adjoins the park area on the south to insure that any land on the north side of the wroght iron fences is deeded to those property owners. Financially, the City of Eastborough is in great shape. We continue to produce income in excess of expenses annually building our reserve for future needs. Our largest expenses include maintaining our police force, maintenance of our parks and common areas and street repairs and rebuilding projects.

We were recently notified by MKEC Engineers that they have been hired by the City of Wichita to plan the next phase of the new water line installation project for Eastborough. This will cover property north of Huntington and along Douglas, west of Woodlawn. The actual project is tentatively scheduled for 2015 depending on available funds. A similar project was just completed in Eastborough, south of Douglas, this past summer. The contractor will be required to bore whenever possible to limit damage to lawns however there will be some unavoidable street cuts and excavations for service taps. The new lines will be located 4-10-ft behind the curb line. More details later.

As always I would invite any resident to attend one or all of our council meetings. They are held at City Hall on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:30.

David J. Anderson
Mayor, City of Eastborough

Parks Report

As is the case every year at this time we are meeting the welcome change in weather with a flurry of activity to bring our parks and city areas to life. Our partners at Trim All and Echo Landscapes are off to a great start making sure our planting areas are cleaned up, colorful and attractive throughout the city. As you walk our city take time to enjoy the view.

For those that have spent time at City Park you may have noticed the areas of erosion and bank failures. These problems come as a result of too much water at times and a lack of water at other times. The work required to address these matters is being sequenced in an effort to achieve the greatest results in a minimally intrusive way that is cost effective. The first step is to address the entry point where the majority of the water flow enters coming off Peach Tree Lane. Work in this area will consist of new curbing and concrete work to manage the directional flow to the extent possible. Secondly, Tree Top Nursery who maintains this park for us will be filling areas of erosion, re-positioning the large rocks and incorporating medium sized rocks into areas where mulch has not proven to be a good cover or deterrent to erosion. All of this work will be taking place north of the walking bridge and should yield long-term benefits and cost savings over time.

The next and larger issue to be addressed are those areas where the bank has failed around the large area of the pond south of the walking bridge. This project will require more extensive work and that the pond be drained to a yet to be determined level. This will be unsightly and leave us in the hands of mother nature. While some immediate steps are being taken for safety and aesthetics, the steps required for a long-term fix will be taken later in the year.

In terms of routine care of the City Park we are still seeking a viable and legal solution to the geese as they continue to damage grass in the area. Unfortunately, as federally protected water fowl, they present a significant challenge. Of course it is helpful if residents and other users of the park do not feed them.

Due to the ongoing challenges with the light fixtures that illuminate our entry signs, both east and west, Decker Electric will be replacing these fixtures. The new LED fixtures will offer more consistent lighting and offer reduced maintenance and energy costs. Like with Echo Landscapes, we are glad to be able to do business Decker Electric, also Eastborough residents.

We have recently learned that Eastborough must comply with the EPA Clean Water Act that will be administered by KDHE. Though a small city, this is because Eastborough is located in an "urbanized area" surrounded by Wichita. The every short version is that the city must monitor water quality, take steps to improve water quality and make sure that water discharged from the city meets the required parameters. This will be an ongoing topic and more information will come as we adopt the required plan. The greatest impact we can all have on water quality is to be cautious in what we allow to get into the water. Things like the excessive use of fertilizers and chemicals will cause a negative impact. Allowing clippings, leaves or debris to go into the street where they are washed into the storm drains can also be detrimental. If you have a service who maintains your property please make sure they do not blow or leave lawn debris into the streets. Pet waste will also cause a negative impact and fortunately we have already installed several waste stations for use by all who enjoy walking their pets through Eastborough. More will come on this topic.

As always, please enjoy our city areas and help us to keep them attractive and safe for all. Enjoy the weather!

Greg Shelton, Eastborough City Council

Police Update

It is a pleasure to be asked by our Mayor and City Council to submit an article for each newsletter. I hope everyone is doing well.

I would like to let all of our residents know that during a Tornado Warning in the area, the basement of City Hall is open for anyone to take shelter. If City Hall is open during a Warning, the staff will have the building unlocked. If it is after hours or on weekends, the Officer(s) on duty will unlock the building as soon as possible and signs will be posted directing people to the basement. The potential for severe weather was with us just this last weekend, while we were lucky in this area, many in Kansas and areas to the south and east of us were not. Please take all Severe Weather Alerts seriously and take cover ahead of time. Other events such as high winds, hail, lightening and flooding claim more lives each year than tornados. Most storm related injuries and deaths are preventable if people will keep themselves informed ahead of time when severe weather is approaching the area. In today's world there are several ways to do this. Watch or listen to local television and radio weather, have an app on your cell phone that will automatically notify you of the threat of severe weather and keep a NOAA Weather radio in your home.

I want to let everyone know how to reach to the Police Department when City Hall is closed on nights, weekends and holidays. If you need to report an emergency, crime or suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in the area phone 911 without hesitation. If you need to request parking signs for an event, have your home placed on the vacation watch list or any other non-emergency service, phone City Hall at (316) 682-4111. You will receive a recorded message with instructions so you can leave a voice mail for all City Hall Staff, including the Officer on duty. To leave a message for the Officer on duty, press 4. The Officer will respond to your request as soon possible. I am normally out of the office at night and on weekends and do not receive my messages until I return to work. There have been a few instances where someone has left a message for me (Chief of Police) instead of the Officer on duty and their request was not taken care of because I did not get the message until after the fact.

As always, feel free to contact me or any of my Officers at any time.

Matthew Cox
Chief of Police
Eastborough Police Department

Directory & Newsletter:

We are currently working on the updated 2014 City Directory.

If you have a concern, observation, idea or questions, please reach out to your city council members. Their direct emails are listed on this page of the newsletter.

Input from Eastborough residents is important!

Thank you,

Cathy Tilma, Eastborough City Council

City Hall Update

Next City Council Meeting:
May 27th, 5:30pm
Some items on the agenda:
  • Voting on a new business application

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