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November 19, 2014

Hope everyone is ready for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time for Americans. Over 50% of us will travel 50 or more miles from home to spend time with family and friends. As we approach this busy time I would like to remind everyone to think about securing your home if you do travel. I have included a link from ProtectAmerica.org, which will include a checklist to help remind you to secure your home before leaving. To find out more go to http://www.protectamerica.com/static/pdf/holiday-home-security.pdf and be sure to call the Police Department so we can keep a watch on your home as well.

Also many will be shopping at our area's fantastic Malls and Shopping Centers. When doing this please keep in mind to hide all valuables in your car, lock your car and ladies, please take your purse with you, and do not leave it in your car or trunk. Even with heightened security around the shopping areas during the holidays, several burglaries to autos occur. If a thief is able to steal your identification and/or credit and bank cards, they are able wipe out your checking account or max out your credit cards before you are even aware they are gone.

If all of us work together, we can help reduce crime. As always, don't hesitate to phone 911 to report any suspicious persons or activity. Also if you have any questions about crime prevention, you may always contact me or any of my officers.


Chief Matthew Cox
Eastborough Police Department

November 17, 2014
2 Eastborough Police Officer's Graduate From Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

I am proud to announce that Police Officer's Michael Erwin and Alexis Hiser graduated from The University of Kansas / Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center located in Hutchinson, KS 231st Basic Training Class on Friday November 14, 2014.

Attending the Graduation Ceremony from Eastborough were Mayor David Anderson, Council Member Danny Wallace and Chief of Police Matthew Cox. Officer Hiser was also awarded the Larry D. Welch Award for Academic Achievement. There were 57 recruit officers from all over the state of Kansas graduating in this class. They both will return to duty and complete the Field Training Officer Program before going to their permanent assignments. Officer Erwin will be working night shift and Officer Hiser will be working the swing shift.

Officer Erwin started with the Police Department on June 30, 2014 and Officer Hiser started on July 7, 2014. They both entered Basic Training on August 11, 2014.

Chief Matthew Cox

Police Officer's Graduate from Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

September 30, 2014

Most real estate agents agree, there is nothing more important for curb appeal than to have beautiful, well cared for trees in your yard. The best way to do this is to keep the dead cut out of your trees and to keep them well fed. In the long run it can increase the value of your home. Beautiful, healthy trees improve the overall appearance of our community and have been a tradition in Eastborough. So let's keep up the tradition and maintain the value of our homes by taking the following steps:

  1. Keep the dead wood trimmed out of your trees and feed as needed to keep them healthy. Dead wood saps the life out of an otherwise healthy tree.
  2. Feed and water when appropriate.
  3. Don't let dead limbs lay in your yard.
  4. Falling limbs can be a safety hazard and liability.
  5. Remember, it's generally more expensive to have dead trees cut down and removed than to care for them.

Well cared for yards have also been an Eastborough tradition. Let's keep the pride in our city. Don't hesitate to call City Hall for a recommendation for an arborist/tree trimmer or lawn care expert.

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